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Oh hey, long freaking time, no speak!

We are going to ignore that it's been over a year and a half (at least) since the last time I posted a blog post here. Acknowledging it would be acknowledging how massively I've failed at the one thing you're all here for... writing!

At least I've released books, right?

So much has happened since my last blog, I'm not even sure where to start?

My family has gone through some insanely crazy highs and lows, that all happened outside of the craziness 2020 and Covid brought. One parent has fought for his life, battled stage 4 cancer, and gone into remission. One has moved, started a new job, and is working on being his own happy, bad ass self. And mom, well, she's been trying to be the pillar for me and my step-dad while he's battled... All while fighting her own health battles.

BUT! We've come out of all of this stronger, happier as a family, and cherishing every moment life gives us with complete and utter appreciation.

I'm now the proud author of four full length novels, a short story, and a novella! I was accepted into not one, but two incredible worlds in 2020: The KB Worlds Driven World and the Cocky Hero Club, and I started a new job, grad school, and have figured out what I'm doing with the rest of my life.

In August of 2020, I started working as a behavior therapist for children who have Autism. Never in my wildest dreams did I think it would be the job that changed everything, but it was. I fell head over heels with the job, and working with the most incredible kiddos on the planet. After about six months, my supervisor said I would make a good BCBA one day, if I chose to go that route. It was the nudge I needed...

I did some serious thinking, evaluating, and comparing things, and realized without any doubts BCBA is exactly what I'm meant to do. So then I started my Grad school application. As of April 1, I'm in a Master's of Science in ABA program, and by this time in 2023, I should be done with school, practicum, and be board certified to practice.

It is truly the most amazing, rewarding job on the planet.

I'm also writing my fifth full length novel, and I'm so excited for this one. On days where school and work, or the Colorado Avalanche, aren't occupying my time, you can find me hard at work trying to get this book written so I can release it this summer.

Fingers crossed that pans out!

I think that's the briefest, readers digest version of the last year and a half (plus) I can give.

I hope if you're reading this, your life has been less eventful... even with Covid.

<3 AG

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