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Where Has the Time Gone?!

No, really, where has the time gone?

It feels like it was just yesterday that I was getting ready to publish Hold on Tight. And, now, here we are two months later and I'm a published author of two months!

It's been a crazy summer of adjusting to being published and trying to keep myself visible in the always changing, and always growing, romance publishing world. I've been doing takeovers and giveaways galore--because putting myself out there, along with my books, is the best way to attract readers not just to one story or one couple, but to me and ultimately everything I write.

And, I've been trying to be present and helpful to my mom, who started the year off being told the surgery she had late last year never healed, and that she'd need a second corrective surgery to hopefully have the foot heal again. That happened in late April, but she was on bed rest for 8 weeks after to make sure her foot was given ample time to get better. And even after she was on restricted movement. So, that's kept me--and our family--pretty busy, too.

We have had some other family stuff going on, as well. And I've been working on getting things together so that I can get back to school and finally start pushing toward my ultimate career goal. I will start classes again in September!

So, as you can see, it's been crazy. Insanely crazy.

But I'm published! We are in my favorite season of the year! I'm writing book 2 and I'm at about he halfway point in it now! And things are rolling along. Even if it's a slow and steady pace.

On top of all that, Book Bonanza 2019 in Dallas is in two weeks! And so is my birthday! More to look forward to in the busy, full, chaotic first summer as a published author!

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