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June 17th

I hadn't realized the date today, yet. But when I did, it took me back to this very day, 11 years ago, when my great grandma passed away. That day was... Frankly, it's up there with one of the very worst in my life. It was a very, very sudden loss and she lived with us. And we were close. So close. I was even named after her, in part. Though, my parents spelled it wrong. So, if you ever wonder why my name, Anjelica, is spelled with a 'J' and not a 'G', that's the reason. lol

Looking back, remembering my grandma, is always so incredible, and sad. I can't remember her without remembering the day we lost her. And it was a pretty traumatic, awful day. Anyway, I miss her something fierce. She was insanely religious, Catholic, and I'm not sure how she would have felt about the books I write. I mean sex and kink aren't typically the devout Catholic thing. lol. But, knowing her, she would be sooooo freaking proud of me. And she would support me, and be my biggest cheerleader, simply because writing brings me so much happiness. And at the end of the day, that's all she ever wanted for me.

So, I'm going to go write now. And I'll do so knowing that no matter the topic, she's still supporting and rooting for me, from her place right beside the big man upstairs. Because I know that there is no way she's anywhere else.

I miss you Grandma C. And I love you. Always.

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