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I need this promotion more than I need my next breath.

I’ve worked hard to get where I am.

I’ve held my head high while accusations of sleeping my way to the top, using my looks and sexuality, and brown-nosing have flown.

This promotion will be based strictly on my abilities as an executive marketer.

Nobody will be able to take that from me.


The only problem?

I have to work with Mitchel McNamara.

We have to create a campaign together then each present it in our own way.


He’s charming, sexy, and smooth… On the surface.

Deep down, I know he is an awful, love’em and leave’em man, who will use whoever he needs to—whatever he needs to—to climb his way to the top.


This promotion is between him and me.

One project, two different presentations.

May the best man… or woman… win.

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