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It's Cover Reveal Week!

Let me say that again--it's cover reveal week! My first "big" reveal as an author. And, let me be honest here--if not a little biased, too--my cover is GORGEOUS!

I am so grateful to Mary Ruth of Passion Creations by Mary Ruth for making this for me. I gave her very little detail about what I wanted. I was very general and vague, and she managed to take what little I gave her and turn it into my cover. The colors, the fonts, the way the images all blend together so perfectly, it is just brilliant. I'll work with her always because why wouldn't I?!

As for the reveal itself, well, that's been pretty great. I am using Give Me Books to promo my reveal and my release and it's given me a great turnout for blogs willing to share, which has been cool. And the team behind GMB has been phenomenal to work with! I recommend them to everyone wanting to promo their books!

The one draw back with reveal, and I don't put this on anyone, or anything that can be controlled, is visibility. Facebook, with their new grand algorithms, makes being seen increasingly hard. Especially when links are shared in posts, too. So I truly am grateful to all the bloggers that have signed on to help promote. The more, the harder it is to hide!

My anxiety about releasing and people hating my book still comes and goes. But I have some (a lot!) more TBR adds on Goodreads now, so maybe people are interested enough that they won't hate it. And maybe it's because they really want that Amazon GC offered up in the giveaway. lol.

I'm 30 days away from release. I'm ready to send my second pass to my editor. And ARCs will be going out in the next couple of weeks.

This is all so real. And with every day that passes by, I get a little more excited and a little more anxious for what's to come.

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