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Starting my Writing Journey

Terrifying. Intimidating. Overwhelming. Exhilarating. Nerve wrecking. Exciting.

That is how I would answer if someone asked me what it's like to start writing your first book. I'd use those exact words to describe finding Alpha and Beta readers, preparing for and going through the editing process, finding a cover designer, a formatter, and everything else that comes with publishing a book, too.

Because it is absolutely all of those things. And probably a handful of others, too, that I forgot to mention.

I started on this journey with the encouragement of one of my best friends in the world. She published her first book last year, and she wanted to do a Christmas Anthology with a group of authors. And she asked me to be a part of it--and I was. I wrote my first short story for publication last December and fell so in love with those characters that I couldn't put them aside. So they are the focus of my first ever novel, too, which I plan to release this Spring (2019).

Writing their story has been a mix of emotions, all on its very own. I've had days where words have flowed like lava out of my fingers. And other days where words have escaped me, my head was a jumbled mess, and I couldn't write if I wanted to. Those days are rough. And then the guilt of I should be writing sets in. At least for me, I'm a guilt-ridden person by nature.

And then there were other days where I literally wrote words, felt good about my progress, and then reread what I'd written and was convinced that it is complete and utter shit. I've actually had a lot of those days. More than I'd care to admit I've had, actually. And some days I go back and forth between this is decent, and oh God, I should delete it all now and stop while I'm ahead. It's a constant battle, folks. I promise you, it is.

But that's writing for you. That's putting your words out there. That's taking that leap and saying please read this, let me bare my soul to you. Then let you rate/review it and shred or praise it, depending on how you received what I wrote. And somehow, good or bad, it is all worth it.

I'm nervous to put myself out there for sure. I'm afraid it will be hated. I'm hopeful it will be loved. And more than anything, I'm proud of myself for sticking to this crazy dream of mine, even with my insecurities and worries.

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