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This is me... Anjelica Grace

Something that I see come up a lot when it comes to starting out an author career, and keeping it going even after you've published many books, is that you should establish who you are and let readers get to know you. Often times, I see people saying you should define your brand. Your theme. Your niche.

I don't have any of those. I won't stick to one lane with my writing. Sometimes my stories will be contemporary, sweet series. Sometimes they'll be serious, or down and dirty standalones. Sometimes they'll be sports, others men in uniform, and right now, it's cowboys. I'll write what comes to me, and it may be all over the place, just like the stories I enjoy reading are.

So my brand, my theme, my niche...whatever you want to call it, won't be just one thing. It'll be me, Anjelica. I'll share as much as I can about as much as I can in my life. Some stuff maybe readers will relate to. Others, maybe not. But what better way to create an identity your readers get to know you b than to use your actual life, loves, likes, dislikes, flaws, insecurities, and everything in between?

So let's start with a few basics for me. Purple is my favorite color. You may have guessed this already, everything I put out has at least a little purple in it.

I hate odd numbers--it's like an obsession, or perhaps a compulsion for me that things have to be done evenly. I only make one exception to this...well, two (see what I did there?). I am okay with a single something, or the number one. I am also okay with sevens. We will chalk that up to David Beckham.

Speaking of, I grew up playing soccer. Soccer and school were all I knew in my childhood. I had big dreams with both. I played it competitively, traveling and playing on top teams, until I was eighteen years old.

Speaking of eighteen, that is my absolute favorite number. Always has been. Always will be. And yes, it is also an even number. Probably not a coincidence.

I'm a firm believer in trying to end the stigma surrounding mental health. Anxiety and depression (and other stigmatized diseases) are neither a joke nor something to take lightly or make fun of. And it's my own battle with them that has really opened my eyes to the truth of what it's like to suffer from them.

Speaking of mental afflictions, I also have an interest and fascination with psychology--especially Myers-Briggs Personality tests and labels.

I am an INFJ. And I don't think there is any gray area inside its parameters that could maybe have me in another . When I found out my MBTI label, I found me. Sorta. I'm still very much a work in progress. And I will likely be one for a very long time.

And while I am a work in progress, one that has more insecurities and fears than I'd care to admit, I will always be certain about one thing... If you are someone I care for and love, I will always be in your corner. I will support you endlessly. I will love you unconditionally. And I will do everything I can to always be there, regardless of what I'm going through.

So... yeah... There is the start of my brand. Being open and honest with anyone that wants to know me, and for anyone that takes the time to read my words.

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