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Never Let Go (Cowboys & Angels, 2)

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Life has been one crazy, wild ride. I've been on top, but I've also fallen and hit solid ground: personally, and professionally. The craziest thing—my hardest fall wasn’t from a bull. With a crushed heart, I learned love means nothing. I vowed never to fall, or leave myself open to hurt, again.

It was going well...until she walked into the bar.

Tatum is stubborn, beautiful, and challenges me every chance she gets. I've never met anyone like her. She may even be enough to change my mind and break my vow. But life isn't that easy. The one thing she absolutely doesn't want is the one thing I never expected, but always hoped for.

Life has been one disappointment after another. People walk away, dreams are crushed, life doesn't go the way you want. Love means nothing.

Except...Cody makes me feel things.

The bull rider chose me. And much to my dismay, he keeps choosing me. He’s hotter than fire, with a heart of gold. He's someone I could maybe even trust. The only problem: things aren't that simple. Cody is everything I never knew I needed or wanted. When life drops a bomb in our laps, will he be enough? Or is it disappointment and crushed dreams all over again?

Can one person be enough to change everything you've ever known?

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